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odbanowany Prośba o odbanowanie

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1. Nick podczas bana: tr0ph1c

2. Admin banujący: Tusiaa

3. Powód bana: Reklamowanie

4. SteamID: STEAM_1:0:188782789

5. Data oraz godzina: 06-07-19 15:02

6. Serwer: ARENA 1vs1

7. Mapa: am_arena

8. Link do GOTV: http://729703.node44.pukawka.pl/dem-am_arena-1559895370-1559896278.zip

9. Opis sytuacji: Mid game i spammed a message that looked like what a cheater whould spam, which looked like a link to cheats. The link however was fake, and was intended for joking. Even though the link was clear to be fake, i still got a ban. The spammed message was "WANT MY HACKS??? VISIT yourmomgay.com/sike FOR FREE HACKS!!!". I really hope i can get an unban. Thanks for your attention.

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Your ban is a mistake, admin thought that you send link to page with cheats, and perm banned you. Next time, don't send this message in chat because admin through a mistake could get ban you. We apologize for what happened

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